Elara Creates: Concrete Ideas

Elara Creates: Concrete Ideas

Elara’s “The Science of Concrete” is a beautiful example of taking an otherwise chemical process and transforming it into an engaging and interesting narrative.

The Elara design team partnered with a structural engineer to produce an informative video about the science and history of concrete. We designed the 3D animation to appeal to structural engineers, chemists, composite material specialists and builders. Industrial 3D animation presents unique challenges and our production team rose to the occasion with a number of sophisticated techniques such as

  • Modelling cementitious chunks with voronoi regions using the plugin pulldownit.
  • Developing new 3D material types using subsurface scattering to pipe light into thin areas of the geometry to replicate SEM. Placing small debris across the surface and rendering with V-ray displacement to create high frequency bumps

The Elara Systems production process (our ‘special sauce’) involves in-depth subject matter research in parallel with complex 3D animation look development. This serves to illuminate the underlying science and nature while pushing the visual communication to a beautiful new frontier.

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