Elara Animation Featured in Opioid Documentary

Elara Animation Featured in Opioid Documentary

Elara Creates Opioid Feature to Showcase Production, Filmmakers Take Notice

In 2018, the Elara “storytelling team” challenged themselves to produce a topical, two-minute animation that married stunning Elara creative and digital content to scientific accuracy in the form of how opioids affect the nervous system. In just two minutes, we illustrated and explained an overview of opioids, what they do to the biology of our brain and nervous systems, and the potentially devastating impact of their use. With the synergy of 3D animation, motion graphics, tilting, and voiceover that bring the issue front and center, we accomplished a showcase piece as an example of our work.

After its release, documentary filmmakers came across this work and reached out about including it in their upcoming film, “Heroin’s Grip, Stories from the Front Lines of the Heroin and Opioid Crisis.

Working in collaboration with Conjo Studios, the producers of the film, we delivered customized segments of the 3D animation to them. While the documentary’s focus was on the stories of how lives are being deeply and devastatingly affected by the opioid crisis through a series of stories, the filmmakers need to present a “physiological” segment to help position the physical effects of these drugs.

Elara’s animation was a perfect match for them as it illustrated key opioid information and educated the viewer about effects of this class of drugs. Using 3D medical graphics, it demonstrates how opioids affect the nervous system to relieve pain and produce feelings of euphoria. The Limbic system, which controls emotion in the brain, actually starts to re-define the reward system on opioids and creates feelings of pleasure and relaxation. But after the high, users are left feeling lower than ever — and neglecting everything else to feel that way again.

Elara was honored to be part of this important story, and were particularly pleased to be part of this award-winning documentary. Heroin’s Grip has already been awarded: 2019 Official Selection in the Maryland International Film Festival and 2018 Winner of the Award of Excellence form the Accolade Global Film Competition.

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