The Power of Custom 3D Models in a Product Demo

The Power of Custom 3D Models in a Product Demo

At Elara, we are experts at making devices and products the centerpiece of the animations we create. Our designers are skilled at making 3D models look even more beautiful than they are in real life!

A great example of this is the Powerheart G5 animation (and just in time for National CPR and AED Awareness Week). Be sure to pay close attention to the shots of the AED. Do they look like photographs? They sure do… but they AREN’T! They’re custom 3D models that our talented designers produced for one of our clients.

With over 17 years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of blending creativity with technology to supply you with animations, illustrations, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Let us help revamp marketing materials on your website, create unique pieces for a trade show or develop content for a training program!

You name it, we can create it.

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