Explaining the Science: Endometriosis

Explaining the Science: Endometriosis

Engaging and Understandable
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but so often, the story is complex. Elara peels back the many layers of endometriosis using 3D animation, motion graphics, video and voiceover to showcase how we help clients tell a complicated story in an understandable way.

Why Endometriosis?
Endometriosis was selected by the team at Elara as it is a condition that directly affects many women – but as an internal issue can best explained by detailed internal graphics. Elara presents the “story” of endometriosis by combining multiple engaging media into a one-minute video. In the video, it provides an explanation of the condition, orients the viewer physiologically, discusses symptoms and presents an overview of treatments.

It’s an impressive use of one minute and a great example of Elara’s work in combining creative and scientific accuracy to communicate a complicated idea in an approachable way.

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