Infographics or Animations? About Animated Infographic Video

Infographics or Animations? About Animated Infographic Video

Infographics are great… but animated infographics are better! Infographics are a great artistic and data compilation that is highly visual and informational at the same time… but if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video or animation is worth a million!

Infographics are great for data: timelines, bar graphs, a data description of your business assets or sales records. But animations or video means that various types of media can be integrated seamlessly into presentations, making for a more thorough story-telling experience.

This video infographic of Agriculture and Our Global Food Supply is a mixed-media presentation of data, live action, graphics and voiceover. It engages the viewer more thoroughly than a flat infographic by telling the story.

Consider how your business can benefit from Elara expertise in this area. Whether you are trying to get get the foot traffic at a tradeshow to stop and listen, engage a potential customer in a sales meeting, or create a vibrant training experience, Elara can make it happen.

Elara. Making the impossible, possible.

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