A Spin on Clean Energy

A Spin on Clean Energy

The power of an Ocean breeze can not only cut the heat on a hot day, but it can generate some serious energy! Take a quick look at the 3D animation Elara created to explain this advanced technology. In this particular piece you will see how we used 3D modeling, motion graphics, and various comp treatments to create a short video. Not only is it an interesting animation, it’s also rather calming!

Elara is a full-service design studio capable of producing rich multimedia for a wide range of businesses. Let our talented production minds make your business look amazing! With over 16 years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of blending creativity with technology to supply you with illustrations and animations you will be proud to show.

If we can make windmills look interesting and beautiful, imagine what we can do for you!

You name it, we can create it.

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