Elara Original Animation – Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Elara Original Animation – Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

We are excited to share with you this Elara original animation, produced in-house with the goal of providing additional information on a topic that has recently been cited by many as the health crisis of our time.

Having previously explored opioid use and abuse in our award-winning animation “The Science of Opioids”, the Elara team decided to do an even deeper informational dive in to the facts behind powerful opioid types, their usage, and the crisis caused by their abuse.

This two-minute 3D Animation not only helps the viewer better understand the opioid epidemic, but provides a scientifically accurate view of opioids at work in the human brain and nervous system.

Our work stands out. Since the release of the initial opioid piece, Elara received many requests for use in other productions, including the award-winning documentary film “Heroin’s Grip, Stories from the Front Lines of the Heroin and Opioid Crisis”.

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