Percutaneous Laparoscopy

Scientific Accuracy

At the core of Elara’s work is scientific accuracy.  As we weave our client’s stories into reality and bring impactful imagery to digital life, we concentrate on the detailed accuracy of the imagery.

We take the time to understand and communicate the science of your project, whether it’s life science imagery, medical devices, industrial equipment, engineering and anywhere in between.

Scaling from the molecular all the way to the cosmic, paramount to our work is our precise, meticulous, educated and experienced attention to detail. We deploy our talented in-house teams in coordination with client experts to create exactingly accurate projects.



Advisers to medical and industrial professionals alike, offering our voice as we vet the latest and greatest technologies.


We understand the importance of sharing our talents + voice with the digital world at large.


Complex imagery is paired with a narrative-focused design to deliver a product that is tailor-made to tell your story.