XR Solutions: Data and Content Analytics

Companies worldwide are adopting XR (an umbrella term for Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality,) training solutions to take the place of traditional in-person teaching.  Much of this development was accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant need for distance learning and training.  Industries across the economic spectrum already know that XR learning is engaging and immersive, and this results in marked improvement in the retention of information.  Nonetheless, not all XR training platforms are created equally and it is important to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s XR training platform.  Elara has implemented a robust system of analytics that allow you to track crucial KPI’s in order to determine whether your platform is working as effectively as it can.

Setting a System of Analytics

In order to measure the impact and resulting ROI that a piece of XR content delivers, it is important that you implement a system of analytics in order to relate the viewing of content to increased sales or changed behaviors.  Elara’s MAVRIC analytics allow you to (1) manage analytics and metrics data offline and automatically have that data broadcasted into the central analytics hub once network connectivity resumes; (2) create a customized analytics webpage that tracks and measures the data that our clients are most interested in (e.g. number of views, total time spent in XR, questionnaire feedback data); and (3) track each device viewing the content so that our clients can determine who viewed the content in order to allow metric data to be paired with individual users. MAVRIC allows you to control the who, what, where and why as it relates to the deployment and viewing of content.  You will never have to guess about the impact of your XR creations, MAVRIC lets you know.

Measuring Your Success

While measuring the impact of your XR content is certainly an important objective, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to XR training solutions and simulations.  When measuring the effectiveness of these applications, our clients want to see how users performed over time.  For example, let’s say that you are producing a simulation for cardiovascular intervention.  The user is required to go through a series of steps up to and including the insertion of a catheter into a large blood vessel.  In an effective simulation, the user will gain skill, knowledge and enhanced dexterity when performing the task repeatedly.  Elara’s MAVRIC platform can track all of the metric data points which help determine performance.  Our clients can effectively grade users on their ability to complete the simulation and can use this data in order to determine whether the user will advance to the next phase of the simulation. 

Most importantly, our clients can see which users are struggling within the simulation and can make sure that the performance issues are corrected before users try the same procedure in the real world, where the consequences are much greater than simply advancing to the next level.  Indeed, the consequences in the real world can mean the difference between life and death.

MAVRIC: Data Dashboard for XR Solutions

Elara has also mastered the delivery of metric data in a way that is easy to comprehend and understand.  The customized user interfaces within MAVRIC allow our clients to track the data that is most important to them.  Elara creates individualized dashboards for each client and the results are displayed in both raw numbers and analytical graphs.  Our clients can track the progress of all users or can drill down on a small group of users or an individual user.  MAVRIC data is delivered in real time, thus ensuring that our clients are getting the latest metrics when they need it most.  In sum, our system of displaying, tracking and analyzing metrics allows our clients to determine impact, ROI and the overall effectiveness of an XR application, whatever the intended use of the content may be.  All of the metric data is captured and our clients get to choose which categories are most important to them when analyzing the overall value of their XR content.

Capture the knowledge and data that will help your enterprise business improve your long-term training strategy. Elara’s team of 3D artists, Virtual Reality designers, and computer programmers can help you evolve your traditional training initiatives to an enriched, interactive program that drives long term change and success. Get started by contacting Elara today.