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Docent Platform

You’ve probably come across a docent at the museum. These volunteers provide visitors with insightful information that they wouldn’t get without the docent’s superior knowledge.

Elara’s Docent platform functions in much the same way as a terrestrial docent. Users are brought into a web-based, immersive, 3D environment which features your branded devices and products. Elara’s Docent experiences can be self-guided but also allow for real-time communications between your representatives and potential customers for maximum impact.  Docent can also be used for interactive solutions, such as virtual tours, collaborative training, and much, much more.

Choose your Environment:

Docent offers four customizable, visually rich, 360 virtual environments that immerse and captivate the viewer. At present, the preset environments consist of a lab, operating room, airplane hangar, or an abstract world.  If you are looking for a unique setting, as a leader in extended reality and XR solutions, Elara is able to customize a Docent environment especially for you at an additional charge.

Create Interactive Models:

Our talented and experienced designers will provide you with three custom 3D models that can be used both within and outside of Docent. Those same models can be leveraged and used in print, animation or even an XR experience.

Define Informative Hotspots:

Hotspots are at the heart of a Docent experience.  You can assemble up to five hotspots within Docent that users can activate to learn more information.  After clicking on a hot spot, users will be shown a photorealistic animation, a research paper, a video (the possibilities are endless) that allows them to learn more information about the device or area tagged with the hotspot.

Engage in your Virtual Meeting Room:

Make meaningful connections happen through Docent. When your content is combined with real-time web-based communications (much like Zoom, Webex, and other platforms) you can literally walk and talk with your customers and lead them through a real-time product demonstration.  For training, team members can interact with each other, discuss what they are finding, and develop meaningful connections to shared concepts.