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MAVRIC Platform

Distribution & Management of Mixed, Augmented, Virtual Reality, Interactive Content

In order to maximize the impact of your XR content, it’s essential to deploy it in a manner that makes it easy for your target audience to view and interact. Often, you must be able to control who is allowed to view the content and when and where they are allowed to view it.  Lastly, in order to properly track and manage the impact and ROI of the content, a system of analytics must be put into place that allows you to determine how often the content was viewed, where it was viewed, what the viewer’s opinions of the content were, and how that affected the viewer’s subsequent behavior.  Enter Elara’s Mixed/Augmented/Virtual Reality Interactive Content (MAVRIC) platform.

The key features and benefits of MAVRIC are explained below:

MAVRIC Whitelabel

Your branded enterprise XR-content hub

  • Build and scale your enterprise catalog of diverse XR content
  • Upload and deploy existing XR apps with ease
  • Grant or revoke secure access to individuals and teams
  • Securely manage XR hardware globally
  • Identify and track field usage KPI’s to prove ROI and provide interdepartmental data transparency
  • Integrate and funnel usage data directly to SalesForce CRM or current Learning Management Systems

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Customized Content Deployment

At present, some of the largest XR hardware manufacturers are primarily focused on entertainment and gaming applications. They have not yet caught on to the value XR brings to enterprise applications.  As a result, you cannot simply place your content on public-facing storefronts such as the Oculus Store, because you may not want your confidential and proprietary XR content to be made available to the public-at-large. The MAVRIC platform allows you to (1) download and install stand-alone XR applications and experiences onto a user’s device (2) provide patches and updates to existing content in your XR libraries (3) distribute content globally to any size of user pool; and (4) instantly remove content that is out of compliance from your content library.

XR Solutions MAVRIC

Customized Content Delivery

Using MAVRIC’s configuration controls, you can enable secure access to content based on user credentials, which helps determine the particular content users are allowed to view.  For example, content that can be viewed by individuals working within your research and development department might not be viewable by individuals working within your sales and marketing department.  This ensures that materials not yet approved for public release stay that way.  MAVRIC also allows for certain chapters or portions of content be viewable by certain people within or outside of their organization. With respect to global deliveries, MAVRIC allows users to be able to select what language they want to hear while viewing the content.

Customized Content Analytics

In order to measure the impact and resulting ROI that a piece of XR content delivers, it is important that you implement a system of analytics in order to relate the viewing of content to increased sales or changed behaviors.  Elara’s MAVRIC analytics allow you to (1) manage analytics and metrics data offline and automatically have that data broadcasted into the central analytics hub once network connectivity resumes; (2) create a customized analytics webpage that tracks and measures the data that our clients are most interested in (e.g. number of views, total time spent in XR, questionnaire feedback data); and (3) track each device viewing the content so that our clients can determine who viewed the content in order to allow metric data to be paired with individual users. MAVRIC allows you to control the who, what, where and why as it relates to the deployment and viewing of content.  You will never have to guess about the impact of your XR creations, MAVRIC lets you know.

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