Elara Demos: Your Product in Virtual Reality

Elara Demos: Your Product in Virtual Reality

Imagine the power of a fully-interactive demo in the palm of your hand.

Do you have complex technical equipment that you like to demo at your next tradeshow, event seminar or client meeting? How about rolling out a preview or training module worldwide at the touch of a button?

Elara is employing Virtual Reality to take visual aid technologies to the next level.

By developing our creative into a 3D space, you can now take your “equipment” anywhere. Massive product that requires migraine-level logistics? How about a nearly microscopic device that can’t be shown with the naked eye? Virtual Reality offers an entirely new tool in your training, marketing and sales belt.

Imagine how useful it would be to quickly showcase your product to both customers & sales teams alike. 1:1 visualization? No problem. Need to pull apart your product to showcase its inner-mechanisms? It’s as simple and intuitive as a push of a button.

Enjoy this short demonstration showcasing the simplicity and power of VR. Lift, rotate, scale, and pull apart your product as you please. It’s like having free shipping, instant setup, painless calibration and unlimited booth space for an immersive product tour that will dazzle your audience.

Also, be sure to check out our UE4 VR Tutorial if you haven’t already.

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