3D Animation Services

3D animation is aesthetically superior to live action video because its visual richness and fidelity is far better than anything you could film, regardless of what type of camera you are using.

3D animation allows you to see innerworkings that are not visible to the naked eye.  Whether it’s the gears turning inside a device or the way a drug interacts with your body, 3D animation allows the viewer to see what would be impossible to film.

With respect to increasing your ROI, quality 3D animation is not tethered to any time or place and can be used for years without appearing dated.

Additionally, 3D assets, once created, can be updated, replaced or modified without having to start the entire process over again.

Elara takes great pride in the fact that for 20 years it has consistently delivered industry-leading 3D animation services that surpass and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Medical Conditions

Looking to explain a complex condition so people can better understand your presented topic and material?  At Elara we have the tools and expertise…

Medical Device

Healthcare providers have come to depend on a vast number of medical devices. The medical community consistently develops new technologies, which leads to an evolution in treatment, and the patient care provided.

Medical Procedures

Medical procedures can often be complicated and challenging to explain, especially to a patient. Elara is known for creating photo-realistic 3D animated videos that highlight and explain complex medical procedures for their clients. These clinically accurate animations…

Industrial Automation

As 3D animation and virtual reality leaders, we specialize in bringing complex stories to life in ways your audience can easily understand. From the latest technology to intricate microscopic processes, we can turn your unique vision into a photo-realistic, informative animation that will appeal to your target audience. Learn how a professional animation can help your business reach its goals. Here is a handful of the industrial industries we’ve served over the past 20 years.

Virus and Diseases

If you are searching for the most effective way to give your customers an inside look at an internal process that is too small for the naked eye, 3D Animation is an engaging and impactful tool.

Science of Beauty

New technologies are taking the beauty industry by storm. Take a look at how these companies are using 3D Animation to educate their consumers…

Women's and Men's Health

Do you have sensitive or critical information that might be hard for your customer to comprehend? Elara can help you craft your story to ensure you’re communicating clearly to your audience.

Large Medical Equipment

Not having the ability to access, transport, or analyze the internal components of cutting-edge medical equipment can be a difficult challenge to overcome for companies. All of these constraints are easily navigated, utilizing 3D animation. For the past 20 years, Elara has partnered…


Are you looking to explain a complex physiological and interventional cardiovascular mechanisms? We’re able to simplify complex anatomical process and turn them into educational and realistic 3D Animations.