Large Medical Equipment20200326194832

Large Medical Equipment

Not having the ability to access, transport, or analyze the internal components of cutting-edge medical equipment can be a di...
Medical Devices20200326191936

Medical Devices

The medical community consistently develops new technologies, which leads to an evolution in treatment, and the care patients...
Medical Procedures20200326190608

Medical Procedures

Medical procedures can often be complicated and challenging to explain, especially to a patient. Elara is known for creating ...


Our hope is that this Covid-19 Spike Protein feature animation will act to connect and inspire....
Implementing XR in Healthcare20200302161041

Implementing XR in Healthcare

Elara dives into how companies are utilizing XR for training and development initiatives....
Training in Virtual Reality20200221204343

Training in Virtual Reality

Workplace training is paramount to any company, and VR is quickly becoming one of the top medical training options available....
7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Starting A Project20200107142907

7 Critical Questions To Ask Before Starting A Project

Elara shares the top questions every company should ask before selecting a creative studio....
Viruses, Infectious Diseases, and Bacterial Infections20191231093934

Viruses, Infectious Diseases, and Bacterial Infections

Understanding how viruses and diseases affect the human body isn’t always easy. Providers can use their words to illustrate a...
Medical Conditions20191230162038

Medical Conditions

Elara has the tools and expertise to bring medical conditions to life on screen, so patients and care providers around the wo...