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Industrial Animations

Elara has experience working with clients across a wide range of industrial industries, including construction, agriculture, fracking, and engineering. As 3D Animation and virtual reality leaders, we specialize in bringing these complex stories to life in ways your audience can easily understand. From the latest technology to intricate microscopic processes, we can turn your unique vision into a photo-realistic, informative animation that will appeal to your target audience.

Learn how a professional animation can help your business reach its goals. Here are some of the industrial industries we’ve served over the years:

Drone Tech

Our team set out to make a highly engaging video on the features and benefits of the latest drone technology due to a steady increase in popularity across a range of industries, including shipping, surveillance, energy, and real estate. Using 3D Animation and live-action video, our team explored the many ways drones are used around the world and how they can help businesses achieve their goals. This short video is perfect for trade shows, marketing, training, and general education purposes. It’s just one example of how we can bring your products and services to life on screen.

Industrial AG Crop Sprayer

Agriculture can be a tough business as global demand for agricultural products continues to rise. Facing a range of challenges, the agriculture industry is turning to crop sprayers to improve crop management and increase output. Elara created this short piece to highlight the many benefits of crop spraying. Our team combined several different mediums, including data, live action, graphics, and voiceover to create a dynamic presentation that appeals to business managers, sales associates, and industry advocates alike. Static images, infographics, and slide shows can’t compare with animated infographics.

Kageta Tech

In this video for Kageta Tech, our team created a 3D Animation that shows how the company’s new patented trailer hook-up can help drivers stay safe when reversing. In less than two minutes, the viewer can see exactly how the device works and how it can benefit the end-user. If you’ve ever tried to explain the inner workings of one of your industrial products to a new customer, you know how challenging this process can be. Painting a picture of the inner workings of your product can be difficult when you’re depending on images and text alone.

Underwater Turbines

Under the threat of climate change, the need for alternative energy grows with each passing day. A new form of alternative energy can help reduce our effect on the environment. Underwater turbines use the motion of the water to create an electrical current. Considering these giant structures live on the ocean floor, many have wondered, “How do underwater turbines work?” To help generate support for this innovative technology, Elara created this short, 3D Animated video that details how these large turbines collect and store clean energy. Our team brought the beauty of these underwater machines to life as a way of educating audiences across the energy industry.

Schneider Electric Interactive Piece

Seeing the inside of your product is next to impossible unless you’re willing to take it apart piece by piece. Schneider Electric was faced with the challenge of conveying their products features and benefits to potential customers without the ability of showing them the internal workings.  In this short animation, but powerful piece, the Elara team created a visual breakdown of one of Schneider Electric’s newest products allowing their customers to fully comprehend the superiority of their product.


Fracking remains a contentious issue here in the U.S. Supporters say it’s a safe way to drill while lessening our dependence on foreign suppliers, while opponents say fracking can pollute the water supply and damage the local environment. To explain what fracking is and how it can affect the local environment, Elara created this photo-realistic 3D Animation that details the fracking process. Understanding this technology is essential to the debate over fracking. It’s just one more example of how Elara transforms complicated subjects and processes into easy-to-understand visual content.


Designed to appeal to structural engineers, chemists, composite material specialists, and builders, this 3D concrete animation clearly explains how concrete is made and used today. To create this piece, our team had to model cementitious chunks with voronoi regions using the plugin pulldownit. We developed new 3D material types using subsurface scattering to pipe light into thin areas of the geometry to replicate SEM. We also placed small debris across the surface and rendered with V-ray displacement to create high-frequency bumps. This resulted in a highly accurate video demonstration of some concrete ideas.

Pump Jack

There are lots of names for a pump jack: oil horse, oil jack, pumping unit, horsehead pump, rocking horse, or jack pump. Whatever you call it, is the overground drive for a reciprocating piston pump in an oil well. This animation demonstrates how a pump jack is used to mechanically lift liquid out of a well. It works by converting the rotary motion of the motor to a vertical reciprocating motion to drive the pump shaft, hence the characteristic nodding motion.

Imagine your product, above and below the ground, being illustrated and animated in the most effective way possible, and you’ll understand why we get excited at Elara.

General Monitors Gas Detection

General Monitors designs fire and gas systems with a modular, flexible approach to meet unique customer requirements for flame and gas detection. They employ the highest quality components in hardwired card-based systems, PLC-based systems or addressable systems networked via computer.

They asked Elara to present an interactive tour of a fire and gas monitoring system, highlighting features in a detailed marketing presentation.

3D Engine Build

Take it apart, put it back together again. Your imagination is your only limitation when presenting a product. Animated marketing or product videos are a great way to show a product inside and out or communicate a message that may be difficult to explain. With animation, you can get a deep level of explanation of a product that is very difficult to do with live-action. People also prefer to learn through audio/visual methods so if they have the choice between reading a spec sheet or sitting through a PowerPoint presentation… don’t you think they’d be far more persuaded watching a video that removes the layers to get a peek inside?

A Spin on Clean Energy

The power of an Ocean breeze can not only cut the heat on a hot day, but it can generate some serious energy! Take a quick look at the 3D Animation Elara created to explain this advanced technology. In this particular piece, you will see how we used 3D modeling, motion graphics, and various comp treatments to create a short video. Not only is it an interesting animation, but it’s also rather calming!

From product demos to complex mechanical processes, Elara is here to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D Animation services.