Why XR Solutions?

What does XR mean? XR is an umbrella term that encompasses VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Mixed Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). Businesses of all sizes are using XR for education, training, sales and marketing.  This technology continues to rapidly gain traction and adoption within the medical device, pharma and industrial automation industries.

Companies on the cutting edge of technology and innovation are utilizing XR for their training and development initiatives. Elara works in tandem with these early adopters to design effective, scalable and vibrant platforms for training, education and simulation.

Elara is committed to pioneering new technologies and increasing the impact and proliferation of XR solutions.

Our ability to strategize with clients and develop richly vibrant and scalable content is why Elara became, and continues to be, a well-recognized industry leader since its inception in 2001.

Virtual Reality

Looking to explain a complex condition so people can better understand your presented topic and material?  At Elara we have the tools and expertise…

Interactive Media

If you are searching for the most effective way to give your customers an inside look at an internal process that is too small for the naked eye, 3D Animation is an engaging and impactful tool.

Demos + Stills

If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help.  Browse through our demos and galleries and see firsthand how we take your ideas and bring them to life.