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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to step into a completely digital environment, opening a new world of user engagement. Viewers can interact with your virtual product, scale themselves down to the molecular world, or bring heavy machinery with them wherever they go.

Be it product explorations, immersive narratives, or education-oriented learning modules, Elara is ready to bring your ideas, big or small, to the virtual world.

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VR for Training

Training by doing is far better than training by reading a set of instructions. VR allows a user to undertake the tasks they will perform in the real world by practicing in a virtual world. When you train in a virtual world, your mistakes have no real-world consequences. You don’t worry about breaking equipment, causing injury or wasting materials. Training in VR develops muscle memory that enables people to slip off their VR goggles and immediately complete the same task in the real world. Studies demonstrate that people trained in VR complete tasks many times more quickly and efficiently than those trained through traditional means. Lastly, VR is scalable, allowing you to train people globally, which is more efficient and less expensive than sending your trainers all around the world.

VR for Sales

It is highly unlikely that you are going to excite a potential customer by telling them you have a PowerPoint presentation.  Lecturing someone through a slide deck is nowhere near as innovative and thrilling as putting them into a completely different universe.  A universe where they can see the inner workings of a product or device that are not visible in the real world.  A universe where they can see the mechanism of action of a new drug as it interacts with your internal anatomy.  A universe where they can literally experience the problem that your product is designed to solve, creating empathy for the end user that the product or service is targeted to.  A VR sales presentation is a sales presentation like no other.

VR for Education

The hallmark of Virtual Reality is its ability to totally immerse the viewer.  When you put on VR goggles, you transport yourself into a completely different reality.  All the distractions of the modern world disappear from view.  You can’t check your phone, you can’t glance at the headlines, you don’t see the real world going on around you.  In sum, you have just created the best conceivable environment for learning — an environment completely devoid of distraction and disruption.  It is no surprise that studies show that VR education boasts a retention rate that is 80% greater than traditional education modalities such as lectures and books.  Whether the viewer is new to the subject matter or a seasoned professional, VR is the best platform for learning and retaining what you learn.

VR for Trade Shows

Some companies try to lure customers into their trade show booth with flashy visuals and giveaways; our clients attract attendees with VR. Anyone with trade show experience knows that it is extraordinarily difficult to get an attendee’s attention as there is so much activity and noise on the trade show floor. It’s hard to have a conversation, much less make a sales pitch. When you move individuals into VR, you have their full attention and total immersion. You can highlight all of the best qualities of your product or service, and you can do it all without saying a word. Worst-case scenario, the potential customer is simply entertained and engaged. Best-case scenario, you make a sale. VR at trade shows maximizes your chances of achieving that best-case scenario. Learn more here.

VR Room Configurator

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken the world by storm, offering a unique immersive experience to users. One such application is Envision – VR Room Configurator; it features customization options, real-time changes, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal solution to help businesses optimize their interior design, equipment workflow layouts, laboratory installations, and other facilities through the planning processes.

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