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Large Medical Equipment Animation

Not having the ability to access, transport, or analyze the internal components of cutting-edge medical equipment can be a difficult challenge to overcome for companies. All of these constraints are easily navigated, utilizing 3D animation. For the past 20 years, Elara has partnered with companies to produce digital content that enables their sales, marketing, training, and education teams.  Our talented team delivers highly educational and engaging animations detailing the benefits of our client’s products. Whether you need a features and benefits piece or an IFU, our team can quickly and concisely communicate your message.  See just how we can bring your medical equipment to life using 3D Animation.

Alcon Transformation

This Alcon Transformation animation was created as a high-energy “pop” piece depicting the next generation of custom topography guided LASIK technology for use at the next Alcon virtual product launch. Our team worked with a range of special effects professionals from the film and television industry to create a high-impact animation of an asteroid hitting the planet. Special elements like realistic-looking sparks, smoke, particles, clouds, and explosions were created using the Alcon sound system and the latest 3D VFX technology. The client used this animation as a keynote introduction during the company’s virtual product launch.

Hologic Panther Fusion

The Panther Fusion laboratory system is a complex automated piece of equipment with a range of internal processes and moving parts. This photo-realistic 3D Animation uses a “virtual camera” that follows a series of laboratory samples as they make their way through the molecular testing process. The video also highlights how the system manages these fluids as well as other resources necessary for the operation of the system. The video has been used to explain the new Panther Fusion laboratory system to potential buyers, helping facilities realize the full potential of this new technology.

Olympus ScopeGuide

Physicians and providers use the ScopeGuide to create a 3D visualization of the position and shape of the colonoscope inside the colon. This virtual surgical suite highlights how the Olympus ScopeGuide can benefit endoscopy clinics. This suite allows physicians to insert the scope with more confidence and document procedures in greater detail. The animation has been published on websites to help educate providers on the benefits of this technology.

Alcon Wavelight

The Alcon WaveLight® Refractive Suite is the most efficient laser system for refractive surgery in the U.S. To show off the Alcon LASIK WaveLight® Refractive Suite, Elara built a virtual, custom 3D model that was used to film the equipment. This allowed our team to highlight each aspect of the suite, including the Alcon WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser, WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser and Swiveling Patient Bed, the combination of which produces faster results while reducing the risk of complications during surgery. Alcon used this LASIK animation to educate buyers on this innovative piece of equipment.

Medtronic Hydrodebrider

Medtronic’s Hydrodebrider® System is an innovative chronic sinusitis treatment that uses pressurized sinus irrigation to help remove bacteria that cause ongoing sinus infections.  Elara used the latest 3D Animation technology to create an animated video that highlights the benefits of the Hydrodebrider® System, including how providers can use the device to remove these bacteria.  Medtronic used the video to pre-sell the device and educate both patients and providers on the benefits of this technology.

Illustrating the uses and benefits of the latest medical equipment can be a challenge, especially if providers are unfamiliar with your technology. Presentations and still imagery can only do so much to bring your equipment to life. Use engaging 3D animation to show potential clients and business partners why they should use your medical equipment to treat their patients. Contact the team at Elara today to learn more about our medical equipment 3D Animation services.