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Medical Devices Animation

The medical community consistently develops new technologies, which leads to an evolution in treatment, and the care patients are provided. New technologies or features require updates to sales, marketing, training, and educational materials, companywide. Elara specializes in creating 3D animations and providing you with the assets you need to leverage content throughout your marketing, sales, training, and education departments. Whether you’re working on an IFU or a training module, the high-quality content we create can be sliced and diced to fit your needs, no matter the end-user or platform.

View a few of the samples below to discover more about Elara.

Candela Nordlys

Candela’s Nordlys multi-application technology improves the appearance of patients’ skin through customized treatments, including laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and vascular and pigmented lesion treatments. The Nordlys system enables providers to deliver outstanding patient results by combining state-of-the-art technologies with user-friendly interfaces. Witness the captivating fusion of illustration and advanced technology as Elara’s animations educate, demonstrate, and display remarkable results. Immerse yourself in the seamless merging of science, technology, and artistry within this exceptional platform, leading the way in medical aesthetics.


Shockwave’s patented Lithoplasty Technology can help providers treat patients with advanced cardiovascular disease. The company’s Lithoplasty Technology uses lithotripsy pulses that selectively target and disrupt calcium in the peripheral vasculature, thus improving tissue flexibility with minimal damage to soft tissue. To help providers visualize the benefits of this complicated technology, Elara created a detailed animation with voice overs that shows exactly how the technology is used.

McGrath Mac EMS

The McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscope assesses airway restriction and aids emergency responders in determining the quickest and least complicated area for tube placement. This engaging, custom 3D Animation that highlights the features and benefits of the tool, as well as provide education and training to care providers, sales representatives, and emergency responders that may need to use this technology in the field.

Lutonix Moxy Angioplasty for Restenosis

The Lutonix Moxy Angioplasty is a drug-coated balloon delivers paclitaxel to the arterial wall safely and effectively as a way of treating patients suffering from restenosis, or the gradual re-narrowing of the coronary artery after a blockage has been treated with angioplasty and stenting. This detailed angioplasty animation shows how an angioplasty with a paclitaxel coated balloon reduces restenosis in patients with peripheral artery disease. The video clearly demonstrates why this technique is the best choice for patients suffering from restenosis.

Use Elara’s 3D medical animation services to generate interest and excitement in your company’s medical devices. With a stunning video in tow, you can send and share detailed information about your products with the press of a button. From trade shows to product launches and demonstrations, take your medical device to the next level and contact us today to learn more about our 3D Animation services.