Interactive Content Development
& Design: VR, AR & 3D Animation Leaders

Elara acts as a strategic partner, beginning the process with a consultative approach toward building out your ultra-versatile 3D assets. We then use our technology expertise to select the best media platform to fit your goals and reach and engage your employees and prospective customers. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, we build assets that can be collateralized across all types of media.

For example, a 3D model can exist as a still image for print and social media ads, and then that same model can be used in an animation or VR experience down the road. Maximizing the value of the assets we create from our clients is one of our specialties. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that your final project will deliver on-time and on-budget, and it will exceed expectations.

Real-Time 3D Models + Video Conferencing

We make meaningful connections happen through specialized content for new-hire training, continuing education, product marketing, and sales. When this content is combined with real-time video communication (Web RTC), we find that team members and clients alike engage longer, retain more, and develop more meaningful connections to shared concepts.

Web RTC with 360° content integration is a secure, branded, web browser-based environment for product demonstration, guided/hosted virtual tours, collaborative training, and much more. Connect with us today to learn how our clients are using Web RTC to add a personal touch to their digital spaces, products, and training content.

Mobile Devices

As we all know, mobile devices are, by far, the most accessible platform to deliver content.  Everyone has a smartphone or a tablet and everyone is proficient in their use.  With over 14 billion devices currently in use worldwide, they are a great way to share knowledge, information, and instruction at a relatively little expense.  Elara creates digital assets that will allow you to build mobile apps, social media content, and interactive web applications that have global reach and influence.

If you’re currently looking for a Studio to help create and leverage your content, check out our blog that features “Seven Critical Questions To Ask A Studio Before Starting A Project“.

Trade Shows

The same dynamic digital assets and applications that run on mobile device can be loaded to touchscreens of all sizes for events, conferences, and trade shows. Event attendees can approach the touchscreen and choose from a variety of interactive media based on the content that interests them most. Because touchscreens and tablets are intuitive and easy to operate, your media or animated content can be accessed quickly and painlessly, leaving ample time for your messaging to make an impact. Interactive displays can also be a fantastic solution for lobbies and permanent installations at museums, universities, and info desks.

Interested in learning more? Learn how Elara developed a touch screen application featuring 40 short medical animations.

Website Content

Websites are an extraordinary tool for our clients to tell the story of their business and showcase their best work.  While we are not website designers, we create digital assets that our clients use on their websites all of the time.  Whether it’s an incredible 3D model or a fully rendered 3D animation, most of the assets we create are subsequently used by our clients on their websites and social media platforms.  As part of your final deliverable assets, we can provide still images, video clips, and other interactive elements to enhance and improve your web strategy, while keeping production costs down.

Eager for more? Dip into our vast library of 3D Animations our team has produced throughout our 20 years in business!

XR Solutions

XR is the gold-standard when it comes to immersive media platforms. Whether transporting you into an entirely different world by slipping on a set of VR goggles or learning a new skill in the HoloLens Mixed Reality headset, viewers are completely and totally engaged. XR solutions allow for training, education, and simulation on a scalable basis, allowing our clients to deliver their content to an incredibly wide, captive audience. We combine 20 years of premium content creation with strategic asset deployment and hardware management to make XR solutions accessible to businesses within every sector and specialty.

To learn how we partner with our clients and help them overcome roadblocks with XR Solutions, view a first-hand account from Alcon’s Global Director of Training & Education by visiting our Overcoming Training Roadblocks with Virtual Site Visits page.