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Elara is motivated by the stunningly beautiful digital content we produce for our partners and a deep understanding of how essential it is to equip them with the best solutions.

We act as advisers to medical and industrial professionals alike, offering our voice as we vet the latest and greatest technologies. This platform enables us to share our experience, perspective, and passion with others.


We are digital storytellers who make even the most complex concepts and topics come to life. Check out our latest blog…

Case Studies

We can visually explain your processes, products and services through powerful animations and virtual reality.


Elara produces internal blogs and other educational content, with 3D animation tutorials and other resources.

Vetting Tech

The work we produce at Elara is built on an understanding that digital media is constantly evolving.

Demos + Stills

Our ability to bring complex imagery to life is paired with narrative-focused design delivering a product that is tailor-made to tell your story.

How We Work

We begin with a discovery call or meeting to understand the project and your objectives, business, technology and creative.