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How We Work

Elara is focused on delivering superior digital content for our clients beginning with the very first interactions through to the end of the project.

We begin with a discovery call or meeting to understand the project and your objectives, business, technology and creative. We walk you through our process, guiding each and every step of the way. The production schedules we create for our work keep projects moving through their development stages in a timely and reliable manner. And because we are completely in-house, you know we are focused on your needs, and just as importantly your confidential information is secure.

Elara is aligned with our clients’ needs, never over-promising and always over-delivering.

Production Process

Our primary objective in the creative process is collaboration. We want to ensure your Virtual Reality experience meets or exceeds your creative vision. In order to do this, we schedule touch points during the creative process to ensure our work matches your vision. From script to storyboard through final delivery, your input and feedback fuels our process. Our reviews are staged on an Internet-based review platform so our teams can collaborate in real-time, sharing visuals and marking changes and revisions. We focus on understanding the project and your objectives.

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how we work
Top 7 Questions

7 Questions to Ask a Studio

Choosing the right animation or Virtual Reality studio to work with may seem like an easy task.  You simply peruse the work of multiple vendors on the Internet, find a studio whose design aesthetics suit you, determine whether they can stay within your budget, and then launch the project.  However, there are other issues that come into play when choosing a creative partner that you may not instinctively consider.  The following are seven questions that you should be asking before you decide which studio your company should work with.

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Highlight Reel

Elara possesses unparalleled expertise in working with our clients to develop groundbreaking ways to experience ideas and products. We love what we do, and continue to push ourselves to produce exceptional content for our clients. Turn up your speakers and dive into our highlight reel featuring some of the most innovative 3D Animation and VR projects we’ve produced. Discover what we do, how we do it, and what makes Elara a leader within the industry. To learn more about how we create content for our clients, contact us! We’d love the opportunity to share how we can elevate your creative vision and achieve your business objectives.

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5 Qualities

5 Qualities to look for in a 3D Animation Design Studio

Bringing products and processes to life in an efficient and engaging way is not an easy feat. When looking for a studio that creates content with impact and real ROI, it’s best to know that all creative studios are not created equal.  Use these five key points as a guide when comparing studios.

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Advice on how to obtain a career in 3D Animation

Often, we will be approached by aspiring animators and software developers about how they can break into the industry. One of these individuals reached out to our 3D Production Manager, John Miller, to ask about how he got into 3D Animation and modeling.

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