Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality20190611005212

Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality

Elara takes complex products and processes and creates an immersive environment which provides a compelling visual for commun...
AIXR VR Alcon Virtual Experience20190519184023

AIXR VR Alcon Virtual Experience

Alcon, a global leader in medical device, and over the counter eye care technologies, engaged Elara with the objective to dev...
Educate with 3D Animation20190514172710

Educate with 3D Animation

Partnering with a seasoned creative team that quickly understands your product or device is essential in producing an accurat...
VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech20190410224525

VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech

An exciting challenge for Elara that quickly became an opportunity to bring join with partner Microsoft and the latest in VR ...
Elara Presents: Relievant Multi-Use 3D Animation20190406223732

Elara Presents: Relievant Multi-Use 3D Animation

Scientifically accurate and beautiful, this piece was then transformed into an attention-grabbing feature for their trade sho...
How It’s Made: Parkinson’s Story20190406220505

How It’s Made: Parkinson’s Story

When initially setting out to create such an animation, Elara follows a rigorous production process to create the best narrat...