Our Noble Bird

Our Noble Bird

The turkey is a large, poultry bird that millions of Americans enjoy each Thanksgiving. But is it truly a noble bird? …Or a nefarious feathered velociraptor with the ability to put its victims to sleep with the power of L-tryptophan!

L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in most proteins and is a precursor of serotonin. If dopamine is a thanksgiving party, serotonin is a grumpy mother-in-law that suddenly announces the party is over and it’s time to sleep.

So, what does this mean for all of us after the gravy and the end of the game?

The correlation of L-tryptophan laden turkey meat with its buzz-kill serotonin hangover sounds like a reasonable cause for Thanksgiving Day post-feast drowsiness, but in reality, turkey contains slightly less L-tryptophan than chicken. Eating turkey isn’t the same as taking a sleeping pill – it could be that spending time with your family is simply exhausting.

From our families to yours… Happy Thanksgiving from Elara Systems!

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