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Collaboration Boasts Innovative Technology for the Educational Industry

Rancho Cordova, CA – July 31, 2018— Elara is proud to introduce the creation of a virtual reality platform with the express purpose of education for eye care professionals. Produced for Alcon, a Novartis company, the application focuses on teaching professionals how to fit and recommend multifocal contact lenses using fully realized 3D scenarios filmed at Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios.

Communication, engagement, and a high level of retention are critical factors in developing effective training and education. Often times the processes in which we learn can detract or devalue the knowledge at hand. Older technology like slides and training videos do little to elevate the standards of education.

The challenge presented was immediately apparent; creating a realistic, immersive experience with an eyecare patient to train professionals virtually. Elara produced an interactive environment where the viewer could engage with their virtual surroundings in a realistic manner, while also giving them the tools they need to be more proactive during the fitting process. To accomplish this, Elara and Alcon captured a live actor’s performance at the Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios in volumetric 3D.

Volumetric technology in the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios surrounds the actor with 106 cameras and captures light from all angles simultaneously to bring the patient experience to life within a fully-digital optometrist office. Bringing familiar, human realism into virtual reality allowed Elara to create a unique experience; one which helped to immerse and engage its viewers into receiving a one of a kind experiential education.

“We are excited about the opportunity to bring clinical training and education into the technological forefront using virtual reality,” stated Bob Dyce, Creative Director at Elara systems. “and partnering with Microsoft and Alcon has allowed us to combine our innovative technologies together to achieve a level of realism that’s never been visualized in this way.”

Elara set out to raise the standards in clinical training and education; seeking to provide better retention levels and higher engagement rates within corporate training. This project from Elara is just the beginning of what’s possible with innovative technology and strategic partnerships.

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