Cardiology Animations20191011212739

Cardiology Animations

We’ve provided just a few of our samples here in order for you to see the variety of styles and techniques we employ when cre...
How It’s Made: Parkinson’s Story20190406220505

How It’s Made: Parkinson’s Story

When initially setting out to create such an animation, Elara follows a rigorous production process to create the best narrat...
Elara Animation Featured in Opioid Documentary20190107225431

Elara Animation Featured in Opioid Documentary

In 2018, the Elara “storytelling team” challenged themselves to produce a topical, two-minute animation that married stunning...
Elara Creates: The Science of Opioids20181006222643

Elara Creates: The Science of Opioids

We understand that effective storytelling and the way it’s delivered to the end user can have an enormous impact, and there’s...
3D Animation Enhances Breast Cancer Awareness20181002235442

3D Animation Enhances Breast Cancer Awareness

As demonstrated by our breast cancer awareness video, Elara can tell any story in a way that educates viewers and sheds light...
Elara Creates: Prostate Health + Awareness20180918184848

Elara Creates: Prostate Health + Awareness

Please enjoy this light-hearted (AND award-winning) animation to promote the importance of early detection....
Elara Creates: HIV Treatments and ARTs20180806185513

Elara Creates: HIV Treatments and ARTs

A stunningly accurate animation showing the virus entering the bloodstream, the reproduction and subsequent effect of the med...


3D medical marketing content can go a long way towards showing patients or their families exactly what asthma treatment can d...
Facts on Fracking20180508174237

Facts on Fracking

Fracking, a common name for a process known as hydraulic fracturing, is an oil and natural gas drilling technique that extrac...