Deploy to Oculus Quest20190815182606

Deploy to Oculus Quest

Elara is here to demonstrate the simple steps needed to start implementing their UE4 creations onto the Oculus Quest."...
Vetting the Quest20190815164843

Vetting the Quest

Learn how the Quest manages to stand distinct amongst its contemporary technologies. As this new headset comes into play, Ela...
Taking Virtual Reality To Medicine20190711172050

Taking Virtual Reality To Medicine

Elara Systems continues to use 3ds Max alongside a variety of other Autodesk products to create captivating stories highlight...
Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality20190611005212

Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality

Elara takes complex products and processes and creates an immersive environment which provides a compelling visual for commun...
AIXR VR Alcon Virtual Experience20190519184023

AIXR VR Alcon Virtual Experience

Alcon, a global leader in medical device, and over the counter eye care technologies, engaged Elara with the objective to dev...
Vetting Haptics Technology for Our Customers20190507184723

Vetting Haptics Technology for Our Customers

The haptic frontier continues to develop, and Elara is eagerly anticipating its steady growth into the world of interactive s...