VR for Depression20180813160659

VR for Depression

Virtual reality could provide a revolutionary way to treat patients using state-of-the-art technology and innovate techniques...
Elara Explores: Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles20180424193127

Elara Explores: Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles

When spending such a high amount, it is important to understand the distinct characteristics that vary between different imme...
VR in Medical Field20180213161121

VR in Medical Field

Now, scientists and medical providers can rely on virtual reality to help them train, diagnose and treat a variety of health ...
Elara Embraces Virtual Reality for Industries20180129160116

Elara Embraces Virtual Reality for Industries

With the advancement in technology, virtual reality training is now possible. The technology is currently being used in job t...
VR, AR, and MR – What’s the difference?20160825162343

VR, AR, and MR – What’s the difference?

Today virtual reality, and its sister technologies augmented reality and mixed reality, are creating totally new ways for ave...