Medtronic Hydrodebrider20170925002347

Medtronic Hydrodebrider

Elara worked closely with Medtronic to create a fully-function animated “demonstration” of their newest product to pre-sell a...


That’s what we do at Elara. Making your communications within grasp....
A Spin on Clean Energy20170703172002

A Spin on Clean Energy

Elara is a full-service design agency capable of producing rich multimedia for a wide range of businesses. ...
Elara Energizes a Product Launch for Alcon20170626212558

Elara Energizes a Product Launch for Alcon

We are known for creating clinically accurate medical device, realistic industrial and pharmaceutical animations, and dramati...
3D Modeling + Powerful Animation Tools20170307190315

3D Modeling + Powerful Animation Tools

We used 3D device and equipment modeling, motion graphics, various comp treatments and voice-over to make this powerful anima...
Explore Alcon WaveLight® in 3D LASIK Animation20161117195001

Explore Alcon WaveLight® in 3D LASIK Animation

In addition to creating photo-real 3D devices, Elara produced a unique a 3D LASIK surgical animation to illustrate the featur...
Lumbar Stenosis Decompression Animation20160925180556

Lumbar Stenosis Decompression Animation

Elara produced this spine-tingling animation that years later is still used by surgeons to accurately explain the procedure....
VR, AR, and MR – What’s the difference?20160825162343

VR, AR, and MR – What’s the difference?

Today virtual reality, and its sister technologies augmented reality and mixed reality, are creating totally new ways for ave...
Imagine the Possibilities20160115200853

Imagine the Possibilities

The possibilities of how Elara can showcase your products or concepts as well as educate and train customers and employees is...