Jupiter Fusion

Jupiter Fusion

Somehow We Think It Deserves More Than A Color Brochure

Producing an interactive sales and marketing CD-ROM that can do what no printed piece could – actually demonstrate the performance and capabilities of a product.

JUPITER SYSTEMS builds some of the fastest, most expandable video wall hardware available in the world. Jupiter products facilitate the ability to direct traffic, manage power grids, and oversee military engagements. They can control a video wall the size of an IMAX theater without skipping a beat. When you have clients that range from the U.S. Military to nuclear power plants, it takes more than a color brochure to convey all your products’ capabilities.

The Solution
Elara worked with Jupiter Systems to produce an interactive sales and marketing CD-ROM that could do what no printed piece could-actually demonstrate the performance and capabilities of the cutting-edge Jupiter hardware while making topics like “remote administration” a little easier to understand.

Unlimited Possibilities Made Easier to Perceive
Electronic formats of your marketing brochures can be integrated into an interactive CD-ROM, providing users an enhanced viewing experience online while still providing them the convenience of printing out a hard copy if they choose.

So What?
Helping your customers see the big picture is our specialty. We seamlessly create and integrate HD video, 3D animation, and a host of multimedia production possibilities into a format that suits your needs, including CD-ROMs, DVDs, and web presentations. Once they see it, they usually WANT it.

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