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Elara Wins MUSE Gold Medal for Opioid Epidemic 3D Animation

Gold River, CA – June 2019: Elara has won the MUSE Award Gold Medal for its production of, The Science of Opioids. With extensive expertise in virtual reality, 3D animation, and interactive solutions, Elara specializes in creating deeply immersive experiences for training, education, marketing and sales. Focusing on complex, technical issues, Elara has long prided itself on its ability to bring these concepts to life in simple terms without alienating lay audiences. The company is proud to accept this award as a way of bringing attention to this urgent issue.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 130 people die every day in the U.S. after overdosing on opioids such as pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. In fact, opioids are now the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. The piece produced by Elara shows what happens to the brain when a toxic chemical is present. Just two minutes long, the video explains what opioids are, how they affect the biology of the brain and the nervous system, and the overall impact of their use. The piece is designed to help educate viewers on the dangers of opioids and how addiction affects the user’s cognitive abilities. Since the release of the piece, prominent scientific documentary filmmakers have requested the use of Elara’s, Science of Opioids, in their feature production.

The MUSE Creative Awards is an international competition that honors excellence in advertising, video, website and app design, focusing on creative professionals that use these mediums to make the world a better place. Elara is honored to be included in this year’s winners, marking a lasting achievement in the history of the company. The company will continue to produce and distribute innovative digital works that highlight the most pressing issues of the day.

About Elara Systems: Elara is a creative digital studio that creates 3D, animation, VR and other interactive, digital solutions for a range of different clients and industries. For over 20 years, industry leader Elara is known for producing entertaining, easily-understandable stories as a way of illustrating difficult, intricate concepts. The company caters to highly technical clients that use these digital assets to educate audiences around the world.


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