MUSE Gold Medal Winner20190610225516

MUSE Gold Medal Winner

Elara has won the MUSE Award Gold Medal for its production of, The Science of Opioids. The company is proud to accept this aw...
VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech20190410224525

VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech

An exciting challenge for Elara that quickly became an opportunity to bring join with partner Microsoft and the latest in VR ...
How It’s Made: Parkinson’s Story20190406220505

How It’s Made: Parkinson’s Story

When initially setting out to create such an animation, Elara follows a rigorous production process to create the best narrat...
Full Immersion VR20190307221314

Full Immersion VR

Elara is currently working alongside industry leaders to help create state-of-the-art interactive VR experiences in an effort...
Alcon Eye Experience Gathers Award Nominations20181204233025

Alcon Eye Experience Gathers Award Nominations

The nominated project is an advanced learning tool for the products and procedures within the Alcon Laboratories technology p...
Elara Wins W3 Award for Boston Scientific Project20181029231222

Elara Wins W3 Award for Boston Scientific Project

In GUIDEZILLA II, Elara highlights the benefits and features of Boston Scientific’s guide extension catheter with top-quality...