AIXR VR Alcon Virtual Experience20190519184023

AIXR VR Alcon Virtual Experience

Alcon, a global leader in medical device, and over the counter eye care technologies, engaged Elara with the objective to dev...
Elara Highlight Reel: 201820190404172243

Elara Highlight Reel: 2018

Learn about what we do, how we do it, and what makes us great at it. In a nutshell, explore what makes Elara special....
Elara Virtual Reality Demo Reel: 201820190404171901

Elara Virtual Reality Demo Reel: 2018

Virtual Reality took off in 2018 at Elara. Elara brings ideas, big and small, to the virtual world, allowing users to step in...
Elara Demo Reel: 201820190404170403

Elara Demo Reel: 2018

2018 was an exciting year for Elara. Creating beautiful projects, leveraging ground-breaking technology, and collaborating wi...
Elara Virtual Reality Demo Reel: 201920190101211244

Elara Virtual Reality Demo Reel: 2019

What better way to enjoy watching Elara's latest accomplishments in Virtual Reality than to site back and enjoy our Virtual R...
Elara Ignites the VR Industry20180106211950

Elara Ignites the VR Industry

Creating immersive Virtual Reality experiences is an expertise of ours at Elara. And helping you leave a lasting impression w...