Benefits of 3D Product Animation

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3D animation evolved from the need to see an intricate process or the complex details of a high tech product engaged in end-use applications.  The results are smart, artistic and beautiful – a seamless blend of 3D modeling, motion graphics, strong narrative content and a fitting soundtrack. By creating these intuitive 3D animations, your team will illustrate concepts that words and still images alone cannot.  Your product’s features and uses come to life with vivid, photo-realistic imagery and content. Used in both medical and industrial industries, 3D product animation is a cutting-edge, powerful tool that can tell the story of your product or device.

Entertain and Educate Your Audience

3D product animation explains your product in seconds.  Often providing a 360° view, your audience is able to see the inner workings of a device from various angles that you may not see with a naked eye or capture in a video. These animations are a powerful communication tool used for education, training, sales and marketing at trade shows, learning environments and sales demonstrations.

In healthcare, 3D animation can illustrate how a medical device interacts with the internal anatomy, even at a cellular level.  For example, in a 3D medical product animation created for Relievant to educate doctors and attract audiences at tradeshows, we highlight and bring to life the benefits of the client’s video laryngoscope.  The engaging and impactful piece educates viewers on the link between the basivertebral nerve and chronic low back pain, something otherwise invisible.

The same is true for industrial industries, where there are machines that have inner workings that are not visible or able to be photographed.  At Elara, our team can use CAD drawings of a device and create 3D models to reveal the internal workings and mechanisms. For instance, in order to build excitement before the final product launch of their veterinary chemistry analyzer, IDEXX turned to Elara to create high-resolution photo-realistic images showing the analyzer in its finished form. Once the analyzer was built in 3D, a 3D industrial product animation was created so the sales reps could show the system and how it interacted with related information technology systems.

Hyper-realistic Imagery

A major differentiator between 3D product animation and a product video is that 3D animation looks hyper-realistic. Meaning, these renderings are indistinguishable from the real product or device.  By combining dynamic, photo-realistic 3D animation with anatomical accuracy, your team will engage customers and build industry credibility. Take the Alcon’s WaveLight® Refractive Suite project, for example.  For the new product launch, Elara produced a striking and anatomically accurate 3D LASIK surgical animation to illustrate the capabilities of the product, as well as provide education and training to sales representatives.

Long Lasting Quality

Unlike videos, 3D product animations are not bound to a specific period in time or place. Because they’re so hyper-realistic, they do not age.  An animation created 10 years ago will look similar to how it will look today; therefore, they’re durable and resilient. Whereas in product videos, you might be hampered by how somebody is dressed or even color schemes. Plus, once 3D assets are created, they can be updated, replaced or modified without having to start the entire process over again.

Collaborate with Elara

As a 3D animation company, Elara can help your team explain complex product workings and illustrate otherwise invisible procedures.  Not only do we use cutting edge animation technology, but it is in our DNA to collaborate with our clients at every step of the animation process, from the initial pitch to storyboards and beyond. We are dedicated to increasing your ROI by understanding your objectives and challenges and creating your product’s story through compelling and artistically beautiful animation.x