Hiring an animation studio?

Here's 5 Qualities to look for in a 3D Animation Design Studio

5 Qualities to look for in a 3D Animation Design Studio

Bringing products and processes to life in an efficient and engaging way is not an easy feat. When looking for a studio that creates content with impact and real ROI, it’s best to know that all creative studios are not created equal.  Use these five key points as a guide when comparing studios:  

1. Creative Process

The strategic partnership formed with your studio of choice is critical to the success of your content.  The primary emphasis during the creative process should be client collaboration. Selecting a designated point of contact for your project and scheduling touchpoints throughout the creative process will ensure your expectations and creative vision are being matched or exceeded. Reviews conducted on a web-based review platform will ensure collaboration and a smooth revision process. Constant communication and collaboration build strategic relationships which are essential to the 3d Animation creative process

2. In-house content creation

Be sure to select a studio with in-house 3D Animation capabilities. Your best bet is to find a studio that completes the majority of the project in-house, as opposed to hiring third-party contractors. To save on costs many firms use third-party contractors; thus, you lose control of who has access to your new product patent or industrial design rights. Not only does it simplify the production process, but you know that your company’s intellectual property is protected and secure. If a company does not understand the value of your assets and how to keep them secure, run the other way.

3. Dedicated project or account manager 

The last thing you need when you are trying to produce an animation is being routed around to different individuals within a studio to answer all your questions. Having a dedicated project manager to handle your needs will save you time and a lot of frustration. Questions as diverse as the look and style of your project, billing, and invoicing issues, or preparing a completed piece for your company’s internal compliance review should all be answered by one point of contact.

4. Studio efficiency and capacity

Your creative studio should have a successful track record of completing projects on time and on budget.  Some studios may only have the capacity to work on one project at a time, thus slowing the delivery schedule. However, with a full-time team of 3D artists, Virtual Reality designers, and computer programmers, Elara has the capacity and flexibility to balance multiple projects simultaneously. Our efficient project planning and milestone timelines ensure that you will never miss an important deadline.

5. Content ownership

The law unfortunately does not assume that ownership rests in the hands of the buyer. Your company could pay tens of thousands of dollars for a 3D Animation only to see it being used in the studio’s marketing materials months later. At Elara, our clients own the final product and it will never be used in another forum without the client’s consent. Elara also maintains all files for its completed projects. Some studios do not save final files once a project is complete due to time and archival expenses. Because Elara maintains all final files, when our clients call upon us to update a completed piece, we can easily assemble the files utilized in the creation of the project and make the necessary changes.

Elara is a US-based strategic creative agency with a global portfolio. For over 20 years, our diverse team has specialized in both 3D medical animations and 3D industrial animations. Through the use of CGI, 3D Animation, live-action video, motion graphics, and voiceover, Elara can tell your story in a way that cuts through the noise and inspires people to take action. If you are looking for a 3D Animation company, contact the professionals at Elara Systems today.