Immersive Experience: Elara VR Trade Show Experience

Elara Systems offers Interactive Content, Virtual Reality Demos, and comprehensive events packages that include everything you need for an immersive experience at your next trade show or event. Quickly showcase your product to both customers & sales teams alike. 1:1 visualization? No problem. Need to pull apart your product to showcase its inner-mechanisms? It’s as simple and intuitive as the wave of a hand, a finger point or a push of a button.

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of explaining the inner workings of your product and how it functions? Or demonstrating a medical device outside of a clinical setting? It can be a tremendous challenge to “paint” a visual picture of your product’s unique and groundbreaking mechanics for potential customers, investors, or clients. While you may know the features and benefits of your product like the back your hand, most likely your prospects will be hearing about them for the first time. So how do you bring your prospects up to speed so they can quickly realize the value and benefits?

The answer is in how Elara uniquely brings creative + technology together for immersive solutions.

Virtual Reality

By utilizing 3D animations and transporting them into a 3D space, Elara enables you to take your large pieces of equipment virtually anywhere where you can then deploy, display and interact with your product. Lift, rotate, scale, and pull apart your product as you please. It’s like having free shipping, instant setup, painless calibration and unlimited booth space for an immersive product tour that will dazzle your audience.

Is your story one that is too small for the naked eye? We can create an environment that allows your user to “step inside” cellular material, nerves, or anything you can imagine. And we have the expertise to ensure that we are not only developing the right platform for your needs, but keeping a strategic eye on the scalability of what we are creating for you.

Interactive Content

Imagine your layout for your tradeshow booth or presentation area. Can’t visualize how to best make use of the space with interactive tools? Elara can. In fact, we’ve been doing it for years. Using our unique combination of creative + tech teams, we can help you strategize your communication tools and make it happen. Whether it’s one massive interactive touch screen, an array of tablets, downloadable applications, or all of the above, Elara possesses the experience and expertise to make your presence impressive and productive.

And All the Good Stuff That Goes With It

Coordination with all your imagery and your brand is important to creating a strong impression and getting materials in your potential customer’s hands is a critical part of your trade show presence. Whether we are coordinating with your in-house team, external ad agency, or you want Elara to create it all soup-to-nuts, you’ll know you’re in the right hands.

We specialize in telling the story of your product. We bring to life complicated concepts and processes that are difficult to explain but are crucial in differentiating your product from your competitors.