Virtual Heart Work & Cardiac Animation20191011212739

Virtual Heart Work & Cardiac Animation

We’ve provided just a few of our samples here in order for you to see the variety of styles and techniques we employ when cre...
Animation for Innovation, and so much more20191008015658

Animation for Innovation, and so much more

Our client was looking to create a 3D animation highlighting their product's effectiveness. It was critical to produce a piec...
Interactive VR Experience | 360 Video20190910185230

Interactive VR Experience | 360 Video

The Elara production team took our VR demo reel and then converted it into a 360 Video. Check it out!...
Taking Virtual Reality To Medicine20190711172050

Taking Virtual Reality To Medicine

Elara Systems continues to use 3ds Max alongside a variety of other Autodesk products to create captivating stories highlight...
Elara Original Animation – Understanding the Opioid Epidemic20190705070045

Elara Original Animation – Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Elara produces custom, in-house animations. In this newest Elara piece, we wanted to provide additional information on a topi...
Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality20190611005212

Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality

Elara takes complex products and processes and creates an immersive environment which provides a compelling visual for commun...