Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality20190611005212

Optimize Training – Embrace Virtual Reality

Elara takes complex products and processes and creates an immersive environment which provides a compelling visual for commun...
Elara Analytics Page20190520162001

Elara Analytics Page

Elara Analytics Page...
Educational Animation: Enrich Education with Custom 3D Animation20190514172710

Educational Animation: Enrich Education with Custom 3D Animation

Partnering with a seasoned creative team that quickly understands your product or device is essential in producing an accurat...
Virtual Reality in Medical Training20190508190430

Virtual Reality in Medical Training

Creating immersive Virtual Reality experiences is our expertise at Elara. Leaving a lasting impression with your clients and ...
2018 VR Awards for Elara in London20190417165137

2018 VR Awards for Elara in London

Bob Dyce - Creative Director for Elara - was in attendance at the 2018 VR Awards in London. The last night was a celebration...
VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech20190410224525

VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech

An exciting challenge for Elara that quickly became an opportunity to bring join with partner Microsoft and the latest in VR ...