Asthma: Causes, Treatments and Using 3D as a Marketing Tool

What is asthma?

Described as a chronic or long-term lung disease that results in the inflammation and narrowing of the airways by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, asthma has long been identified in thousands of patients and is an increasingly common ailment in people of all ages. In fact, across the USA more than 25 million people are known to have asthma in some form or other – and that number is only increasing.

Asthma directly affects the body’s airways, resulting in less space for breath, and more chance of reaction to outside influences. This sensitivity can be from anything from airborne allergens to physical stressors, and can result in anything from wheezing to full-blown Asthma attacks.

Often a disease that occurs during childhood, which many sufferers grow out of over the years, for the majority of people with this condition, treatment is as simple as providing steroids via an inhaler and attending a regular clinic to ensure the condition is kept in check. Though asthma has no known cure, it is often not a debilitating condition and active management of the illness can be highly successful. Utilizing 3D medical animation can go a long way to explaining and understanding this condition in detail.

What causes asthma?

The exact cause of asthma as a medical condition is unknown, and research varies from genetic factors to environmental concerns. Anything from upper respiratory infections to viral or airborne allergens have been theorized to cause asthmatic conditions and illnesses, though no exact causes have been identified as yet. Theories and further research are ongoing, through clinics and various treatment plans.

Another theory researchers consider when examining what causes asthma in adults and children is the Hygiene Theory. The basis of this hypothesis is that because of the western focus on cleanliness and the reduction of bacteria and germs in the formative years of our children, they become more susceptible to illnesses such as asthma, as they haven’t had the physical experience and exposure that past generations of children had access to.

Treatments for asthma

For serious or chronic cases of asthma, treatment can be a lifelong commitment. The basic need of this illness is the ability to control the way your asthma affects your body, in terms of whether or not it causes you day to day problems with your airways or remains as manageable as possible. These treatments ensure that asthma attacks and other associated problems related to Asthma are few and far between.

3D medical marketing content can go a long way towards showing patients or their families exactly what asthma treatment can do to help manage the symptoms of this chronic disease. Treatments are often individually designed between doctor and patient, to match their exact triggers and concerns. This plan could include anything from medications involving steroids through to the avoidance of direct triggers and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

What’s correct for one patient won’t be right for the other, and the use of good medical marketing can allow both parents and sufferers to be directly involved in deciding the treatment that will work best for them or their child. A solid, efficient and personalized action plan is key to ensuring you take an active participation in your treatment, as well as improving the likelihood of sticking to the required steps.


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