Elara Creates: HIV Treatments and ARTs

Elara Creates: HIV Treatments and ARTs

Elara is passionate about telling our Clients stories, first and foremost. But when we have the opportunity to dive into topics we’re excited about that allow us to explain complex issues in an approachable way, we accept the challenge!

Partnering with a creative team that is able to quickly understand your product and processes, extract your key message, and create an informative, relevant animation explicitly designed to educate your target audience makes a huge impact on the success of a project – and the same processes we developed to interact and succeed with clients apply to even our Elara in-house projects.

This project was suggested as a partner piece for use by nonprofits. When one has the opportunity to communicate the impact of then ground-breaking antiretroviral treatments and their impact on the spread of the HIV Virus, it’s an exciting challenge to which we look forward.

Along with many of our other monthly awareness programs, this piece illustrates Elara’s ongoing commitment to assist the medical community. Elara is honored to help spread awareness about this and many other topical issues throughout the year.

How ART Disrupts the HIV Life Cycle
In this example, our goal was to explain the advancements in science and medicine, create an understanding of how HIV treatments have evolved and how it will all eventually contribute to the end of AIDS. We created a technically accurate depiction of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the impact of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) treatments for the disease.

The result?

A stunningly accurate animation showing the virus entering the bloodstream, the reproduction and subsequent effect of the medications on the HIV virus.

By using a combination of 3D animation, motion graphics, video, and voiceover, Elara demonstrates their ability to produce an impactful story.

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