Elara Case Study +

Biotronik – Make a Lasting Impression

The Challenge

Imagine the impact of showcasing your products in a way few have seen by displaying them on the world’s largest and most advanced touch screen monitor; and doing it in just a few weeks.

Biotronik wanted to make an impression for their biggest trade show of the year and decided to showcase the unique features and benefits of their products on the world’s largest and most advanced touch screen monitor. However, the deadline was tight, and this was the first time they would be using a touch screen in their exhibit. They turned to Elara to develop the application and the 3D medical animation content.

biotronik trade show

The Solution

After meeting with Biotronik’s marketing executives and engineers, Elara developed a touch screen application featuring 40 short medical animations that illustrated precise product function, capability and design aspects that could be called up and played instantly by touching the screen.

Elara knew the interactive solution would generate a considerable amount of buzz for Biotronik, but they also knew through experience that to hold doctor’s and potential customer’s attention, the content on the screen would need to be visually engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Designed to Interact and Inform

Biotronik was thrilled with the end result. Elara was able to transform the abundant and complex product material into a dynamic and effective sales tool for their trade show. Identical versions of the application were loaded on smaller touch screens strategically placed in an array around the exhibit allowing potential customers the ability to interface directly with product managers and engineers. Introductions on the floor were transformed into productive conversations.

Resulting Success

Following the successful launch of the touch screen application, Elara assisted Biotronik in leveraging the touch screen content into other marketing and training collateral such as web applications, mobile devices and even some stills for print collateral.