Overcoming Training Roadblocks with Virtual Site Visits


Dr. Robert Cionni – a recognized expert in the field of cataract surgery – regularly trains and educates fellow surgeons at the Eye Institute of Utah. While his knowledge and skills are second to none, our current circumstances are preventing physicians from an in-person experience at the Eye Institute.


Overcoming roadblocks to provider education in order to enhance patient care is the goal for our client, Alcon. Click on the behind-the-scenes video above to hear Rustin Floyd, Alcon’s Global Director of Training & Education, discuss our partnership and how this virtual experience enhances patient care.


Working in conjunction with the videography team at Captured Light, Elara produced an engaging and scalable clinical training and education experience, shot in 360-degree videoThis experience places the viewer inside of Dr. Cionni’s operating room to observe him performing complete surgical procedures. Viewers can also go inside Dr. Cionni’s office, where expert commentary and insights about his practice are shared.  


By viewing this experience virtually, Dr. Cionni’s fellow surgeons saved time, money, and received essential information to continue improving their processes and patient care.


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