Sensitive Subjects Brought to Life Through Medical Animation

Sickle Cell

The form that a 3D medical animation must take to effectively reach its target demographic is an utmost priority to Elara. In the case of an animation focused on the early onset of priapism, crafting a narrative that could communicate clearly to such a young audience was a vital component. Up to 35% of men with sickle cell disease face prolonged and painful erections, and an early diagnosis of priapism is necessary to intervene before permanent damage can be done. As such, a timely diagnosis is vital to preserving one’s health – but how do traditional medical animations hope to target young audiences with a potentially embarrassing subject matter?

The efforts taken are no stranger to Elara – requiring a uniquely human approach to an otherwise clinical discussion. In this Sickle Cell awareness animation, various 3D characters were built and animated to showcase a ‘personal recount’ of one’s own story through priapism. Discovery of these symptoms, asking for help from a parental figure, and discussing eventual medical assistance is all essential topics – each brought to life through personal anecdotes meant to ground its target audience within a relatable, human narrative.

Sickle Cell Priapism

Utilizing the “human” element of medical narratives to breach difficult discussions.  Some are harder than others – doubly so when trying to raise awareness for younger audiences who may feel vulnerable when broached. Bringing the ‘human’ element back to the human body can be vital in delivering an effective message.

Realizing that goal requires a whole suite of expertise not usually found in medical animation – Utilizing talented character animators to mockup, model, & rig a cast of 3D-animated characters. Environmental artistry is also a crucial component of bringing each scene to life – all done in service to the telling of a grounded human experience.

Elara delivers – No matter the subject matter.

3D Characters & Environment Building

Approaching human anatomy within animation services requires a great deal of artistry – But the art of fully realized, expressive human characters is another challenge altogether. Sensitive discussions in the medical realm can require going the extra mile – delivering a more ‘human’ story.

Such an endeavor requires careful consideration – requiring a great deal of seemingly non-essential environments to make stories like this believable. Bedrooms, showers, medical waiting rooms, and more can be required to bring your character’s story to life.

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The Sickle Cell Society supports and represents people affected by sickle cell disorder to improve their overall quality of life.