Alcon Eye Experience Gathers Award Nominations

Surpassing hundreds of other nominations, Elara’s state-of-the-art virtual reality experience, the “Alcon Eye Experience”, was shortlisted in two awards categories for the VR Awards 2018. These categories were VR Healthcare of the Year and VR Education and Training of the Year.

The nominated project is an advanced learning tool for the products and procedures within the Alcon Laboratories technology platform. It’s an entry point for Alcon’s VR training regime that provides access to their eye curriculum. Once a user puts on their VR goggles, they are given the option to launch into multiple modules for unique educational experiences. This empowers Alcon to train doctors and work with customers around the world without being on-site.

The Alcon Eye Experience has been deployed globally at conferences and summits to give eye care professionals a virtual look into the anatomy and physiology of the eye. The VR project surpassed the high bar set by Alcon and impressed the toughest critics: their highly intelligent, detail-oriented eye surgeons. Overall, Elara’s highly acclaimed VR experience featuring a clinically accurate interactive eye was a huge success. It illustrates the future of virtual reality within the healthcare industry and promotes a platform for global distribution of training and educational applications.