Elara Creates: The Science of Opioids

Elara Creates: The Science of Opioids

We understand that effective storytelling and the way it’s delivered to the end user can have an enormous impact, and there’s no better example of an awareness piece we did on the Science of Opioids.

The Elara storytelling team challenged themselves to produce a two-minute animation that married stunning Elara creative and digital content to scientific accuracy. Our production, creative and technology teams worked collaboratively to research, design and develop this extraordinary piece.

In just two minutes, we explain what opioids are, what they do to the biology of our brain and nervous systems, and the overall impact of their use. With the synergy of 3D animation, motion graphics, titling, and voiceover that bring the issue front and center, we accomplished just that and more.

Elara, we specialize in telling “stories” for our clients and partners. Whether we’re getting “hands-on” in a virtual reality environment, explaining microscopic interactions through 3D Animation, or explaining deeply complex ideas simply and beautifully,

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