Oculus Go Enterprise / Business VR


The Oculus Go for Enterprise VR

At Elara, we’ve been using the Oculus Rift since its launch in 2016. Due to our strong background in 3D production, the transition for developing immersive experiences in virtual reality seemed like a natural next step for our agency to take. The potential for Virtual Reality to take off within the Enterprise market has slowly begun to realize itself over the past few years, and Elara is proud to have been part of those developments.

Our teams have been hard at work creating state-of-the-art promotional, educational, and training-oriented VR experiences for our clients. Virtual Reality offers our clients a chance to visualize conceptual processes, real-life scenarios, and full-realized anatomy within a completely immersive environment. Most of the content we create is designed around the Oculus Rift; utilizing six-degrees of freedom to interact with a variety of detailed and fully-realized environments.

At Elara we strive to be the best strategic creative agency for our partners. We constantly evaluate the latest and greatest technology in an effort to provide cutting edge services and stunning digital content. While we had found a market for high-end VR experiences using the Oculus Rift, we had not found a reliable, easily distributable, all-in-one headset that could fit the needs of accessible Enterprise VR. Of course companies can afford a few high-end gaming laptops and the necessary Rifts, but our team believed there was a way this process could be streamlined and cheaper for our clients to distribute. Our answer came on May 1st, when Facebook launched the Oculus Go.

Price Comparison

Price and Risk – Greatly Reduced
The Oculus Go, in comparison to alternative VR headsets, is cheap. Starting at $200, you’re looking at an inexpensive and completely standalone purchase.

The most expensive VR system on the market currently (VIVE Pro) would cost you around seven times the amount of a single Oculus Go, making Oculus the go-to supplier for Elara’s mass-distribution of headsets.

The Essentials

All In A Single Package
The headset is an all-in-one purchase, meaning that there are no hidden costs such as a phone or high-end computer to account for. However, this tightly bundled technology does come with its own set of limitations. The hand controller can feel limited by its three degrees of freedom, making it feel more like a remote than a 1:1 representation of the position of your hand.

Working with Cross-Platform

Even with its limitations, the Oculus Go is a perfect instrument for media consumption. There’s very little stopping Elara from taking more advanced experiences and creating compacted versions for the Oculus Go. This allows Elara to continue to develop for stronger, interactive headsets, without losing out on the accessibility and ease-of-distribution that the Oculus Go offers.

The Future of Enterprise VR

Out of all of the headsets currently available in the market, there has yet to be one specifically intended for the consumption of Enterprise. Right now, VR seems targeted towards the individual, whereas more and more of AR has been directed towards large and small businesses. It may take longer for companies to completely understand the potential of being able to fully immerse their audience and grab their entire attention, but it brings to mind a very important question. What would a headset intrinsically designed for Enterprise VR look like? As businesses grow to understand the endless benefits VR provides, those of us at Elara will continue to vet the latest tech in the market. Currently, we’re looking forward to watching the following features rise in demand.

External Control

As it stands right now, both mobile VR and standalone headsets alike have little when it comes to external control. The Oculus Go currently has no way of launching or controlling apps outside of the headset, as well as no way to see what is currently running on an external screen. This can make it difficult to track the progress of what’s going on inside of the user’s headset.

Kiosk Mode

Do we at Elara feel like virtual reality has the potential to dominate the education field with exceedingly high retention rates, immersion, and training through real-life-situations? Yes. Are we also aware that the viewer can quickly opt out of this with the simple tap of the ‘home’ button? Yes. There really isn’t any form of feature lockdown in most headsets currently out there to stop this from happening. This means that Kiosk attendees will have to help participants back into the experience after any erroneous button clicks.

Promising Step Forwards

At Elara it is clear to us that there isn’t a headset in the VR market that is primarily intended for Enterprise. The headspace of these products seems to revolve around the individual consumer, instead of the needs of a larger organization. However, this is likely to change as more and more of the world begins to understand the potential of VR. While that future might still be far off, the steps our tech takes every day shows just how far we’ve come. We’re fitting everything into a single package now while also keeping them cost-efficient for ease of distribution. The Oculus Go alone has helped carve out a huge territory for quick and effortless deployment.

In the end, it is up to experience-creators, like Elara, to help bring the world of Enterprise to VR, and Oculus has been a huge help in that creative process. The Go and Rift offer two incredibly different tools to the playing field, giving us the opportunity to distribute the perfect content for any clientele.

Virtual Reality

By utilizing 3D animations and transporting them into a 3D space, Elara enables you to take your large pieces of equipment virtually anywhere where you can then deploy, display and interact with your product. Lift, rotate, scale, and pull apart your product as you please. It’s like having free shipping, instant setup, painless calibration and unlimited booth space for an immersive product tour that will dazzle your audience.

Is your story one that is too small for the naked eye? We can create an environment that allows your user to “step inside” cellular material, nerves, or anything you can imagine. And we have the expertise to ensure that we are not only developing the right platform for your needs, but keeping a strategic eye on the scalability of what we are creating for you.

Interactive Solutions

Imagine your layout for your tradeshow booth or presentation area. Can’t visualize how to best make use of the space with interactive tools? Elara can. In fact, we’ve been doing it for years. Using our unique combination of creative + tech teams, we can help you strategize your communication tools and make it happen. Whether it’s one massive interactive touch screen, an array of tablets, downloadable applications, or all of the above, Elara possesses the experience and expertise to make your presence impressive and productive.

And All the Good Stuff That Goes With It

Coordination with all your imagery and your brand is important to creating a strong impression and getting materials in your potential customer’s hands is a critical part of your trade show presence. Whether we are coordinating with your in-house team, external ad agency, or you want Elara to create it all soup-to-nuts, you’ll know you’re in the right hands.

We specialize in telling the story of your product. We bring to life complicated concepts and process that are difficult to explain but are crucial in differentiating your product from your competitors.

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