Relievant Multi-Use 3D Animation

Relievant’s objective to provide solutions for patients suffering from chronic low back pain prompted them to contact Elara to illustrate their Intracept Procedure in an engaging and impactful way. This 3D Animation was initially developed to educate physicians on the link between the basivertebral nerve and chronic low back pain while illustrating the mechanics and effectiveness of Relievant’s Intracept Procedure.

While the piece was originally developed to be used at conferences to target physicians, soon after deployment, it was strategically revamped to be utilized within their trade show booth as a feature attraction for a much broader audience. Ultimately, the animations and stills created by Elara formed the core portion of Relievant’s marketing and messaging strategy.

This project highlights Elara’s ability to reach broad and varying audiences by creating multiple versions of an animation – while keeping the core assets in place to effectively and efficiently obtain maximum impact at a reasonable cost. Our clients get a considerable return on their investment while the audience is treated to a scientifically accurate and stunningly evocative animation.

Elara’s focus on collaborating with its clients to optimize the utility and effectiveness of the work we create is what we do best.