VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech20190410224525

VR Eye Experience: Groundbreaking Tech

An exciting challenge for Elara that quickly became an opportunity to bring join with partner Microsoft and the latest in VR ...
Relievant Multi-Use 3D Animation20190406223732

Relievant Multi-Use 3D Animation

Scientifically accurate and beautiful, this piece was then transformed into an attention-grabbing feature for their trade sho...
Parkinson’s Disease Animation20190406220505

Parkinson’s Disease Animation

When initially setting out to create such an animation, Elara follows a rigorous production process to create the best narrat...
Biotronik – Make a Lasting Impression20190111171215

Biotronik – Make a Lasting Impression

Imagine the impact of showcasing your products in a way few have seen by displaying them on the world’s largest and most adva...
A Beating Heart from the Inside-Out20181211172809

A Beating Heart from the Inside-Out

Elara was tasked with creating an extremely detailed, anatomically-correct, and beautiful beating heart for Boston Scientific...
DJO Incorporated: High Quality and Rapid Production20181111181111

DJO Incorporated: High Quality and Rapid Production

With a product launch just around the corner, DJO Global wanted to create a marketing campaign that got them noticed. ...
Complicated? Doesn’t Have to Be.20180310232821

Complicated? Doesn’t Have to Be.

Photographing their actual product requires Biomet to pull expensive units off the line & involves extensive FDA regulatory h...
Demo Even Better than the Real Thing?20171011213332

Demo Even Better than the Real Thing?

Ready to launch their newly redesigned bottle, Invitrogen's improved features were remarkable, but subtle by appearance. Comm...
Show What? How Soon? Here’s How We Did It.20170917190546

Show What? How Soon? Here’s How We Did It.

The deadline is approaching. You need a dramatic presentation, and soon. You need to show a procedure outside of a traditiona...