Shockwave Medical has a vision to leverage existing technologies to create a fundamental change in the treatment of advanced cardiovascular disease. As the company has matured, the team at Shockwave Medical continues to pursue that vision and achieve important milestones along the way to that goal.

Elara worked with Shockwave to develop this animation to illustrate their innovative use of their patented technology. Shockwave’s Lithoplasty Technology treats calcified plaque in patients with Peripheral Artery Disease. Lithotripsy pulses selectively target and disrupt calcium in the peripheral vasculature, improving tissue flexibility with minimal damage to soft tissue. Lithoplasty Technology is built on a familiar balloon catheter platform, so that even historically challenging Peripheral Artery Disease patients can be treated effectively with little alteration to existing angioplasty technique or procedure flow.

Sounds complicated? It is. But after you watch the video, you can experience the clarity that only detailed animation and voiceovers can create. That’s what we do at Elara. Making your communications within grasp.

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