Elara Case Study +

Beating Heart Animation: A Beating Heart from the Inside-Out

The Challenge

BOSTON SCIENTIFIC is laser-focused on one thing — developing leading technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. And the top trait they look for in a partner is that they are laser-focus on their job too. Elara was tasked with creating an extremely detailed, anatomically-correct, and beautiful beating heart for Boston Scientific.


The Solution

Over the years, Elara had already created an enormous library of striking visuals for Boston Scientific, including custom anatomically accurate 3D models of the heart, photorealistic 3D models of their medical devices, and animated surgical procedures for physician training and education. Elara had also managed complex, multi-faceted projects that included dual-screen product videos for display at trade shows, exhibit panels, HD video, DVD production, interactive training, and physician training tailored for the iPhone.

Elara accepted the challenge and created a heart that exceeded their wildest expectations. A beautiful, detail, beating heart so accurate that it seemed to jump right off the screen. Boston Scientific frequently needs to show their medical devices and procedures at a level of detail specifically acceptable to physicians. Boston Scientific knew from experience they could turn to Elara to develop groundbreaking medical animations that not only depict medical procedures, but also create lasting brand awareness.


Complex Project Excellence

When Boston Scientific needed a big job done to exacting standards, they knew they could call on Elara. For a single major trade show, Elara even delivered over 30 individual sub-projects flawlessly – on time and on budget. Through Elara, Boston Scientific discovered new ways of showing customers views that were otherwise impossible or unimagined.