Relievant Intracept

Objective: To produce an educational 3D animation feature highlighting the benefits and mechanism of use for our client’s new product. The client’s target audience was physicians attending conferences.

Solution: Our team created an engaging 3D medical animation – along with bundled media collateral – to highlight the product’s features and procedures for use.

Strategic Uses: While originally developed for use at conferences, soon after deployment, the animation was strategically revamped to be utilized within our client’s trade show booth as a feature attraction for a much broader audience.

biotronic trade show

Objective:  Develop an interactive piece of media which allows a user to peruse and watch up to 40 short medical animations.

Solution: Elara studied the different options available and decided on using an interactive, large touch screen monitor that allowed viewers to simply scroll through and select the animation they wanted to view with the touch of their fingers.  The accompanying animations illustrated the precise product functions, capabilities and design aspects that the viewer selected.

Strategic Uses: In addition to the large touch screen monitor, identical versions of the application were loaded on smaller touch screens strategically placed around the exhibit. Due to the success of the initial trade show launch, the client tasked Elara with leveraging the touch screen content into other marketing and training collateral such as web applications, mobile devices and still photographs for print collateral.

djo knee

Objective: Collaborating with an advertising agency for development of a client’s digital assets for a product release with only a three-week timeframe.

Solution: Elara immediately began working on storyboards and quickly moved forward with creating the collateral for a seven-minute video highlighting the product’s features and benefits. Due to Elara’s excellent collaboration skills, we were able to work in tandem with the client’s agency to produce an on-site film shoot, a high-resolution 3D animation of the product.  Most importantly, the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Strategic Uses: HD digital stills were created from the frames of the video and animation. Subsequently, these stills were repurposed for use in print, digital and social media by the client’s agency.

biomet knee design

Objective:  To create marketing materials using the client’s engineering files. Photographing each product would require pulling the products from inventory costing the client time and money not only in preparing extensive FDA regulation files but returning the items back on the shelf.

Solution: Using Biomet’s engineering files, Elara created digital photorealistic 3D models of our client’s joint-replacement products.

Strategic Uses: By eliminating the need for product photography, our client was able to multipurpose their 3D models in patient education materials, TV commercials, and a range of marketing materials produced in-house through the client’s agency.


Objective: To create 3D media that communicated the improved features of a newly redesigned product bottle that our client was bringing to market.

Solution: Elara created 3D animation models that were used to showcase the bottle’s improved, flexible elements. Viewers could interact with the product in order to see the new features in action.  Elara also created a web-based application that allowed customers to use their mouse or finger to manipulate the virtual models.

Strategic Uses: Elara provided our client with still renders of the new bottle for print brochures and catalogs as well as presentations used in a variety of applications including websites, trade shows and corporate training.


This is a Virtual Reality Piece and not available for viewing.

Objective: To develop a piece of interactive media to display its new diagnosis technology on touch screen devices for use in the client’s trade show booth.

 Solution: Using footage provided by the client, Elara developed an interactive touch screen application that allowed users to explore and interact with the new technology.

Strategic Uses: By creating a flexible and interactive piece of media, content was viewed easily and viewers were able to hone in on the elements of the production that most engaged them. Additionally, the sales representatives in our client’s booth could visually communicate the technology of the product with potential customers, and easily distinguish its technology from that of its competitors.

Alcon Precision One

This is a Virtual Reality Piece and not available for viewing.

Objective: Our client had two similar products going to market and wished to create an engaging, interactive media asset that demonstrated the differences and relative benefits between the two products.

Solution: Elara created a visually stunning Virtual Reality production.  In addition to being engaging and informative, viewers were shown not only the differences between the products, but also the particular advantages that were unique to each design. Viewers were also treated to a journey through the manufacturing process that would not be achievable without the use of 3D animation models.

Strategic Uses: Released in tandem with the product itself, the Virtual Reality experience serves as a baseline for understanding the complex differences between products within the same product line. The collateral within the Virtual Reality production will undoubtedly be captured and utilized across multiple media platforms including print and digital media.